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Our Classes

We offer effective mind-body training for everyone, from 1 hour introductory classes to intensive 7 day retreats. See the official class schedule below. Like us or subscribe to our email list to receive retreat announcements and news.

2102 7 Day Retreat Grand Canyon Excursion

Lunchtime Tai Chi Breath Meditation - Weekdays 12:30p - 1:00p - Registration Required

We all have habits that interfere with our happiness and well-being. Daily mind-body practice helps us to clearly see these harmful habits. Neuroscience shows that we will hold on to a habit until we can replace it with a better alternative. Start dropping old habits today. This daily meditation is offered without cost.

Mind-Body Basics - 6 Week Beginner's Class - Starts 25 MAR 2014 - Registration Required

Learn the essential components of complete mind-body training. This class emphasizes the breath for 2 weeks, meditation for 2 weeks and partner training for 2 weeks. This introductory course is for anyone.

Mind-Body Basics - Ongoing Classes

This ongoing class is open to everyone. Practice the essential components of complete mind-body training.

Mind-Body Basics for Women Only

Each class develops mindfulness, situational awareness and specific self defense skills. All materials are presented with practical applications to everyday life.

I Liq Chuan - 15 Basic Exercises

The I Liq Chuan 15 Basic Exercises form the foundation of our solo practice. Each exercise helps students to recognize a specific aspect of unified and hormonized movement.

This class is appropriate for all levels.

I Liq Chuan - 21 Form & Applications

A Form is a series of sequential movements that embody the essence of an art. All Tai Chi and Internal Martial Art practices have forms that were passed on from generation to generation. In this class, we practice the I Liq Chuan '21 Form' and its applications.
This class is appropriate for all levels.

I Liq Chuan

In this class we practice intensive, immersive instruction in I liq Chuan. Our core students come 2-4 times a week to practice. Each session lasts 2.5 to 3 hours. Training includes: Meditation, Breathwork, Nei Gong, Formwork, Applications, Spinning Hands, and Sticky Hands, San Da (freefighting).
We welcome all levels but this is clearly our more advanced class.

NeiGong (internal development)

Use the breath and movement to increase concentration, condition the body, develop core power and relax the joints. Build on the foundation provided by the Tai Chi Breath. These intensive retreats teach vigorous neigong and extreme stretching. You will explore your mental and physical limits in this class.
This intensive retreat is for all levels.

Tai Chi Boost for Seniors

This gentle one hour mind-body workshop teaches you how to get a healthful boost at any time of day. Learn a simple standing meditation for strength and mental focus. Learn to breathe more fully to relax. Improve your posture. This is a great introduction to our school and our practice. This workshop is appropriate for all levels.

Sifu On Demand Distance Learning -  Find Out More

Learn online at your own pace, with Sifu Kelley's web based distance learning program.

Private Instruction

For many busy business owners and professionals, classes are difficult to attend regularly. Sifu Kelley offers private instruction to meet their needs. Weekly 90 minute sessions and monthly retreat weekends provide adequate training hours to progress through the curriculum.

Individuals & Small Groups (up to 4) - $150 per hour. 

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